Below are the Rules & Regulations, deadlines and instructions for Registration for NWCYC. Please read the following material thoroughly before registering. Thank you for your cooperation and we ask you to please continue praying for the service of the Youth Convention.

The Convention dates are Friday August 2 to Monday August 5, 2019 (August Long Weekend).

Costs and Deadlines:


 Registration Tier Standard Stay (3 nights) Deadlines
Super Saver $245 Tuesday June 25
 Early Bird $260 Friday    July 5
Regular registration $275 Monday July 15


Refund dates (please email for a refund, and talk to your church’s representative):

90% of paid amount by July 1

25% of paid amount by July 15

No refunds after July 15

Cancellation deadline all types of registration is Sunday July 15. Please contact your church representative for cancellation.

Please note transportation costs are not included.

∞ Rules & Regulations

  • This is NOT a vacation for the Youth or for Servants; it is a Spiritual Retreat and Christian Convention.
    Bring your Agpeya, Bible and anything else you might think is necessary such as a pen and a pad for
  • This is a Christian Convention; everyone is expected to act in a Christian manner.
  • Please dress appropriately and respectfully. We are in the presence of our Blessed Bishops and our
    Fathers the Priests and all attire should be that which can be worn in Church (ie: no miniskirts, short
    shorts, cut off shirts, revealing tank tops, etc …). Also, no sleepwear or pajamas are to be worn outside the
    bedroom. If your attire is deemed inappropriate by the servants or clergy, you WILL be asked to change.
  • Please obtain permission to attend NWCYC from your Father of Confession, Priest serving your Church (or
    Leading Servant if you do not have a Priest), before registering.
  • Out of respect for our speakers, organizers and other participants, please follow the program and arrive
    on time to all scheduled events.
  • Once the convention has started, participants are not permitted to leave the Convention, unless it is part
    of the scheduled program or have permission from one of our Fathers the Priests or designated servants
    is granted.
  • Having members of the opposite sex in your rooms is forbidden.
  • DVD, CD, and MP3 players will not be permitted during any organized events or activities.
  • Swearing, fighting, drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling and any sort of promiscuity will not be tolerated,
    and will result in the participant being sent home at their own expense.
  • Please respect the curfew times.
  • Everyone is required to clean up after themselves; this includes the cafeteria, the lecture halls, and the open/social areas.

If you choose not to abide by the above rules, you will be reprimanded by your Father of Confession, and

may be sent home at your own expense.

  • Age Requirement: Participants must have completed Gr. 10 BEFORE the start of the Convention, or be 16 years old by the start of the convention.
  • Transportation costs are not included. Please talk to your church representative to know about transportation costs, and if any fundraising or subsidies are available from your youth group.
  • The Church Representatives for each Church are:
    • Calgary: Irini Akhnoukh 
    • Edmonton: Beshoy Shenouda, Monica Takla
    • Winnipeg: Karas Elbardisy, Andrew Nashed
    • Vancouver: Marina Habib, Martin Nobar, Alfred Zagloul
    • Seattle: Avram Wahba, Monica Bebawi, Ninah
  • Cancellation deadline: July 15, 2019. Please talk to your church representative about cancelling.
  • Mode of Registration and Payment: Registration for NWCYC via the internet will be the only means of registration and payment. Payment is only via PayPal.

  • All your contributions towards this year’s NWCYC accommodations are tax deductible! You will receive an e-mail at the end of the year with an official donations tax receipt, the sender is St. Mina Coptic Church of Calgary.


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